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Imagine the potential of SAIDO.

Explore the advantages for your community.

SAIDO enriches the lives of memory care residents with an individualized approach to the challenges of memory loss. You can see the SAIDO difference as you watch family members and staff benefit from SAIDO learning.

What is SAIDO?

The objective is not to teach the older adult (called a “learner”), but to engage the individual in repeated specific exercises. Learners progress to new material at their own level and pace. Success fosters the learner’s confidence, abilities, and initiative to advance and try new things.

  • The focus is on precise, yet simple, arithmetic, writing and reading exercises.
  • Baseline diagnostic testing identifies the right level for each participant.
  • Learners participate in five sessions a week for 30 minutes.
  • The SAIDO Learning software records follow-up testing at six- and 12-month intervals and documents progress.

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